Why Choose To Holiday In Thailand

Thailand is situated at the heart of Southeast Asia – somewhere between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

This little slice of Paradise covers 513 000 km of land which is home to a population of 68 million individuals, mostly within the fruitful, abundant Central Plains and bustling Bangkok.

The lush North is home to numerous majestic mountain ranges which defines the western border of Myanmar (Burma of old).

The north-east is a rather flat, poor region, whilst the eastern border, along Laos, is demarcated by the Mekong River; further south you will discover the hilly terrain of Cambodia.

Most of the pristine beaches are found in Thailand’s Southern peninsula which is home to some of the most auspicious beaches and islands in the world.

With a breath-taking scene encompassing an opulent, tropical landscape, Thailand offers those passing by and stopping off a dramatic experience of traditional and sensory experiences.

If it’s the gentle smiles and amenable personalities so typical of the Thai people you love most about Thailand, or the wonderful food readily available from the street vendors then this is the perfect destination for that unforgettable holiday experience; perhaps it is the lure of the myriad fairy lights twinkling at night along the hurried streets of Phuket, or the gap-toothed merchants haggling over the cost of silk handbags and inexpensive goods from the many open marketplaces.

Not only is Thailand your affordable “must-see” holiday destination for that suitcase full of memories; it is the one place you simply have to visit before you die – a destination that needs to be positioned way at the top of your bucket list.

Throw away those stiff holiday itinerates that dictate what all tourists strictly feel they have to adhere to; instead let your feet do the walking and your eyes do the seeing. Temples, Buddha’s, marketplaces, inexpensive clothing, copious quantities of juicy fresh fruit and fierce curries are all part and parcel of your authentic Thai adventurous experience.

Thailand’s holiday culture and arts have developed over the years too, and is almost exclusively entrenched in the service of Theravada Buddhism.

Unquestionably the best showcase is the “wat” which is the traditional architecture so prevalent throughout Thailand with its characteristically sweeping, multi-tiered roofs and innumerable images of Buddha and murals as well as ornamental arts adorning Thai buildings.

Thais believe that life should be “sanuk” – translated into English – “fun” and is found in all aspects of Thai existence; whether it is in Thai cuisine or the colourful  festivals they are famous for – Thailand is about the passion of life – indeed a must-see travel destination at least once in a lifetime.